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We are dedicated to clean and effective ingredients which is why our products contain zero fillers, no myceliated grain, and no unnatural additives - giving you a completely pure and organic mushroom tincture.

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Üphoric Urth is a science and research-driven alternative medicine company taking a modern approach to the ancient healing wisdoms of the natural world.

We are harnessing the power of medicinal and adaptogenic mushrooms to improve health and happiness for humankind. Join us on the journey to YOU-phoria.

Our Promise


No fillers, nothing to hide. There is no myceliated grain, no unnatural additives, and no unnecessary ingredients in our premium high-potency mushroom extracts. That leaves you with a completely pure and organic mushroom extract that is loaded with bioactive compounds to revitalize and modulate your immune system and advance your cognitive function.

Our Process.

Double Extracted

We use a double extraction method from 100% of the mushroom fruitbodies (no myceliated grain) to more fully extract the wide range of bioactive compounds available from fungi, ultimately creating a high-potency mushroom tincture.

Our Mission

Empowering Holistic Healing

We believe that you should not have to choose between effective or natural remedies. Using natural healing fungi and herbs straight from the earth has always been our intention. We are harnessing the ancient wisdoms of Eastern Medicine to create sustainable antidotes that treat issues at their root, rather than just providing quick yet fleeting gratification.

We Love Fungi

100% Obsessed!

Our obsession with the world of fungi is deep-rooted. Our team is comprised of a collective of passionate Mushroom Evangelists who believe that fungi and plants will revolutionize the way we think about medicine - an idea we think should be spread throughout the planet.

Ethically Farmed & American Made

Our premium mushroom extracts are made following organic methods and sustainable practices from harvest to home. The farmers we work with are inspired by the principles of permaculture, while working harmoniously with nature in all agricultural practices.

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