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No. 06 — Reishi

Ganoderma lucidum

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Reishi supports a healthy immune response and manages inflammation, while also supporting good sleep & stress relief. Reishi has also been proven to promote cardiovascular system health. This is a bedside table must-have for its ability to calm, sooth, and keep anxiety at bay. The cherry on top is that Reishi can also help to balance hormone levels, keeping you at a steady equilibrium. Due to its widespread range of benefits, Reishi is one of the most used and studied of all the medicinal mushrooms.

Reishi Mushroom benefits include: Sleep Support, Anti-Anxiety, Anti-Inflammatory, Immune System Support, Extremely High in Antioxidants, Heart Health Support, Balance Hormones
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Customer Reviews

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A must-have for deep sleep!

For context: I’m a fairly light sleeper and have trouble falling asleep/staying asleep most nights. Melatonin isn’t effective for me, and Benadryl had been my saving grace for the last year. The downsides of Benadryl are that it leaves me feeling groggy in the morning and it’s not intended to be used as a sleep aid.

I wanted to try something organic and am elated to have found this product! The packaging is beautiful, and this stuff WORKS. I have tried 0.5ml under the tongue but my favorite method to ingest this is by adding 1ml to my water/tea every night. I have been doing this for the past three nights (on night 4 today) and have had the deepest sleep I’ve had in a long time. It is so refreshing going to sleep feeling relaxed and waking up feeling alert and energized. This is the only thing I modified in my nightly routine, so it’s easy to attribute 100% of the change to this product. Something else I love is that this product is all natural and only has two other ingredients. This is quite literally miracle in a bottle!

excellent relief

I have been taking Turkey Tail and Reishi for over 2 years now and have experienced great results. I have not had a cold or Covid, or FLu during this time. I have a lot of arthritis and this product is surly helping me get around better than ever before. I have cut out taking any other over the counter meds since using these mushroom product.. I have it on Auto ship so that I do not run out of the Tincture.....would recommend trying these products 100%.

Finally! Found am amazing company and product for mushroom extracts

First of all, let's talk about how amazing the packaging is. Each bottle is carefully packed in a beautiful box, I honestly feel bad about throwing them away (I haven't, they're in my closet just in case I need to gift something to somebody). The bottles are very sturdy with a clean design describing what it contains and what it's for.

Next, the actual product itself. The best one I've ordered. I've been taking mushroom powders and extracts for 5 years now. I've been happy, but never fully satisfied. I actually feel the Lion's Mane working after I take it. I don't drink coffee, so this a a great natural boost in the morning. I have their full range of mushroom extracts, so I make my little mix and take it in the morning like I would a multi-vitamin. This is now my go-to. I even ordered a whole line of their mushrooms for my dad. He is very, very satisfied. Also, having the option to get the bigger bottle helps from having to order so often.

I've reached out to the company once, because one of their items was out of stock. They answered back right away and offered different options until they were back in stock. Very accommodating, very friendly.

I'm a customer for life now and always recommend this brand to my friends who want to start utilizing mushroom extracts and the ones already taking them. I have my dad and my brother taking their products as well.

Sorry for the long review, but this is well worth it.

Very good investment

Excellent product. Very good investment in health

Brenda McGinnis
Very good

I placed it in water no taste easy to take

Good for you and the planet

We are hard core about quality and clean ingredients which is why our products contain absolutely no fillers - nothing to hide. There is no myceliated grain, no unnatural additives, and no unnecessary ingredients in our premium quality extracts.

  • No Fillers

  • Gluten Free

  • Vegan

  • 100% Fruiting Bodies

  • Grown Outdoors

  • Organic Practices


Only the purest ingredients

Fresh Mushroom

Fresh mushrooms fruiting bodies (no mycelium / mycelium-on-grain). Our mushrooms are ethically and sustainably grown in the USA.

Purified Water

We only use fresh water from the Colorado river in the making of our tinctures. Reverse osmosis is used to aid in pure and effective filtration. The water is always tested for bacteria and contaminants and each batch is analyzed and certified for safe consumption.

Pure Alcohol

200 proof ethyl alcohol is used to produce our extractions, Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth (OTCO), and is GMO-Free and Gluten Free. The alcohol meets FCC Grade Monograph and complies with all of the current requirements.

Swirl, Stir or Shake

Uphoric Urth tinctures are meant to be mixed. Take any tincture on its own, or experiment with the tincture combination that suits your body best. Add your dose to any beverage, smoothie, soup, sauce — or take right under the tongue. Reflect on how you feel. Adjust your alchemy. Repeat your daily ritual.

How to Tincture

Maca Matcha Latte

Make your own medicinal mushroom magic from AM to PM with simple, fresh lattes, elixirs and daily pick-me-ups. Try our Founder's favorite morning recipe, a Maca Matcha Latte powered by our No. 01 — Lion's Mane to keep you sharp and on point for your day ahead.

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Not All Mushrooms Are Created Equal

Just 3 Clean Ingredients

Absolutely no unnatural additives — just the organic mushroom, purified water and three-stage filtered Organic & Gluten Free Alcohol.

Outdoor Grown & Wild Harvested

Our mushrooms are sourced and foraged for the highest possible potency — always harvested in outdoor wild forest environments, never lab-grown.

Dual-Extraction for Highest Potency

We are hard core about efficacy, using production methods focussed on bioavailability and the highest potency possible.

Travel Safe & TSA-Friendly

Convenient liquid format. Slip our 2oz bottles into your pocket or purse, even safe for your airplane carry-on bag!

You Asked. We Answered.

Are your tinctures appropriate for vegan and gluten-free diets?

Yes! Our mushroom tinctures are vegan and gluten-free friendly, containing no animal-based or gluten ingredients.

Will these mushrooms cause me to hallucinate?

No, these mushrooms are non-psychoactive.

Can I safely use multiple mushroom products or tinctures simultaneously?

Yes! Adaptogenic Mushrooms are synergistic and can often accomplish more together than alone. While Lion’s Mane offers robust cognitive support, other medicinal mushrooms such as Reishi, Chaga, Turkey Tail and Cordyceps have additional immunostimulating properties that can compliment the use of Lion’s Mane. Stack ‘em up!

When will I notice a difference in my health?

Each individual has a unique response to food, remedies, and thus medicinal mushrooms; so the way medicinal mushrooms are metabolized varies from person to person. It can be assumed that utilizing the mushrooms consistently on a daily basis will provide the fastest results. Üphoric Urth utilized liquid extracts as they are absorbed more quickly into the system, providing you with the quickest results.

Can I travel with these mushroom tinctures?

Yes! No need to check your luggage. Our 2oz mushroom tinctures are completely TSA and travel-friendly. Pack your tinctures in your carry-on, purse, or pocket and keep your body at its peak wherever your global adventures take you!

Will your products encourage yeast to grow in my body?

No, this is a common misconception is that ingesting mushrooms will facilitate fungal overgrowth in the body. Medicinal mushrooms strengthen the body's immune response and are also very low in the sugars that promote yeast growth. If you're experiencing yeast overgrowth you should consult a healthcare professional about your specific situation.

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