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Üphoric Urth Üphoric Urth

Swirl, Stir, or Shake —
Dial in Your Dose.

Mix up a dose of your favorite tincture combo, then add to any beverage, liquid, soup or sauce — or take them right under the tongue for fast-acting absorption. Reflect on how you feel and adjust your alchemy. Repeat the ritual daily to feel the full effects.

Tincture Timeline

These are our favorite ways and times to tincture. But you’re an original in body, mind and soul. So go — and find your own uphoria. Then tailor it all to you, because what works for you will be totally unique.

  • Sun


  • Good Morning To Our
    No. 1 — Lion’s Mane

    Rise. Then set yourself up to shine. Lion’s Mane is known for mental clarity and for finding focus. It’s an earthy way to wake up, simply add to tea or coffee for AM creativity.

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  • Meant to be mixed with No. 2 — Cordyceps

    Cordyceps brings the energy boost but without the caffeine jitters.* We mix it with No. 1 — Lion’s Mane every single morning to jump start our day. Cordyceps is a natural, non-caffeinated way to stay alert. We avoid taking it in the evening unless you’re in night owl mode.

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  • We Think Anytime
    is a Good Time For

    No. 3 — Chaga
    No. 4 — Shiitake
    No. 5 — Turkey Tail

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  • Sun


  • But We Like Midday The Best

    To keep our gut health in check, we add Turkey Tail to our favorite liquids at lunchtime. Try adding Chaga to the mix as well; together they help to reduce inflammation. If we’re feeling sluggish in the afternoon, Shiitake and Lion’s Mane are our go-to.

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  • Good Evening With
    No. 6 — Reishi

    Slow it down and unwind. Try Reishi in the evening for a zen state of body and mind followed by deep, renewing sleep. Mix it with Turkey Tail and Chaga for an extra immunity boost if you’re feeling run down.

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  • Moon