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Üphoric Urth Üphoric Urth

The Üphoric Promise

  • No Fillers

  • Gluten Free

  • Vegan

  • 100% Fruiting Bodies

  • Grown Outdoors

  • Organic Practices

We are Hard Core —
About Clean Ingredients

Whether you are here to boost your daily physical and cognitive performance, or you are in search of a holistic approach to deep healing, you have come to the right place for unparalleled daily wellbeing. With each droplet of potent Üphoric Urth tinctures, your body becomes the beneficiary of thousands of years of wisdom from the woodlands.

As one of the original pioneers of mushroom tincture production, it has been our commitment since day one to produce the highest quality fungi-based products on the market. Our tinctures contain absolutely no fillers - with nothing to hide. There is no myceliated grain or unnatural additives, which leaves you with a completely pure and organic mushroom extract that is loaded with bioactive compounds to revitalize and modulate your immune systems and advance your cognitive function.

We Never Take Shortcuts

It would be far easier, faster and cheaper to use mycelium-based products containing grains and fillers, or to use mushrooms grown in a lab rather than outdoors in a wild environment. We are committed to producing potent and effective tinctures which is why we have taken the longer, harder route to produce healing products that others cannot. We believe it is of the utmost importance to use only 100% pure mushroom fruiting bodies that are sourced and foraged for the highest possible potency — which means always harvested in outdoor wild forest environments — never lab-grown.

Not All Mushrooms
Are Created Equal —

We don’t expect you to be mycologists, but it’s important to know what you are ingesting, and what you are paying for. Science tells us that the part of the fungal organism with the highest medicinal value and potency is the fruiting body (ie - the blooming umbrella part of the organism that pops out of the ground). The less potent (but still medicinal) part of the fungal organism is the mycelium (ie - the root structure of the mushroom beneath the ground).

The Cream of The Crop

Think of the fruiting body like an apple tree bearing fruit, and the mcyelium like it’s root structure under ground. Unfortunately, mycelium-based products end up inseparable from the substrate on which they are grown (such as a sack of grain, which ultimately creates a less potent product that is heavily cut with grains and fillers. This is why we only use the “fruiting body” part of the organism.

We welcome you on this journey to a Üphoric state of body and mind.

Why Wetter Is Better

One of our most defining choices in our production process has been — going liquid. We believe this is the best method for ingesting functional mushrooms because:

  1. Liquids take only 1-5 minutes to absorb the active ingredients, whereas powders can take up to 30 minutes to absorb.

  2. Liquids can be easily added to any drink/soup/sauce, including water, while powders can be chunky, clumpy, and grainy with overpowering bitter tastes.

  3. All Üphoric Urth tinctures are double extracted, gaining more beneficial compounds, while powders are not always double extracted, and therefore can miss out on vital potent compounds.

A Fruiting Body
of Knowledge

When most people hear the word “mushroom” they think of a small stem with a blooming umbrella popping out of the ground. In the world of mycology, this is called the “fruiting body”.

Beneath the visible surface of the soil, the fungi organism continues with its expansive root-like structure known as the "mycelium".

Fruiting bodies have a more complex cell structure and generally have higher beta-glucan content than mycelium.

No Fillers —
No Unnecessary Additives

We are hard core about quality and clean ingredients which is why our products contain absolutely no fillers or unnatural additives.

This leaves you with a completely pure and organic mushroom extract that is loaded with bioactive compounds.

Organic Outdoor
Grown Mushrooms

We never grow mushrooms on grain. Why? — When grain is used as the mushrooms’ primary food source, they don’t receive the same level of nutrients as outdoor-grown mushrooms and therefore — neither would you.

The Magic
is in the Details

Producing double-extracted tinctures from outdoor grown fruiting bodies requires more time and attention to detail, but we believe it is the most effective way to harness the healing properties that mother nature has offered.