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Üphoric Urth Üphoric Urth

Üphoric Urth

Not quite plant —
Not quite animal.
An entire kingdom, hidden, right below our feet.

More of us are finding out what
many have known for generations —

They aren’t just magic. They’re medicine.
Restoring our bodies. Sharpening our minds.
Even breaking down materials harming our urth.

From the network of roots that stretch on for miles — the mycelium. To their fruiting bodies — the above-ground blooms. Mushrooms are a gift, millions of years in the making.

But anchoring their roots with grain to grow them faster? Or enclosing them in a greenhouse or a lab?
It diminishes what they can do.

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Because mushrooms give us more than improved immunity. They help us live at our highest level.

But only when they’re grown true-to-nature. 
When they withstand the weather and each other to become full-strength. 

This is why we founded our collective.
To share their real power with more people — based on
research — the principles of permaculture — and respect.

Uphoric Urth is the medicinal mushroom atelier ethically foraging for the highest possible potency.

We source only log-grown fungi found in the forest.
We double extract from only 100% fruiting bodies.
For bioactivity — beta-glucans — and ultra-purity.
Finally, we bottle — with only recyclable packaging.

Our result:
Meant-to be mixed tinctures,
made with with time and most of all — attention.
So we can move beyond healing — sustainably.
So we can own every day — with intent.

This is wisdom from the woodlands — each mushroom working best when brought together. The benefits building with every dose.

So, go. Make your own youphoria — and experiment —with every day alchemy for body and mind.

For the wellbeing of all you’re connected with.
For future physical and mental wealth.

Uphoric Urth
Nature — As Intended.