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No. 02 — Cordyceps

Cordyceps Militaris

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It is possible to receive an unparalleled energy boost, but without the jitters and no caffeine crash. With Cordyceps, you will support the body’s production of ATP, which is the molecule that carries energy in the cells and improves both oxygen intake and lung mitochondrial function. Cordyceps has been the best keep secret for athletic antidotes, as it increases stamina, lung capacity, and endurance without any negative side affects. 

Cordyceps Benefits:
• Energy
• Stamina & Endurance
• Increases Oxygen Uptake
• Increases ATP (adenosine triphosphate)
• Respiratory Function
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Customer Reviews

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Cordyseps tincture

If you’re a health freak like me, you’ll love this product. I started getting into tinctures a few months ago. I usually make mine. But I wanted to try this one. And it has given me nothing but good benefits . I take a few drops in the am with a healthy meal, and around my lunch break. Fuels for energy. I would mix it in with your favorite juice, and or water!! It’s very potent. It helps me with having sustained energy throughout the day! Not feeling fatigue, and helps if you are always on the go. If your like me and don’t like drinking coffee and want natural energy this is the product for you!

Not bad taste

easy to use


These mushrooms really do the job and it’s natural…..Great product THANK YOU!

Beneficial in many ways.

The UphoricUrth cordycepts tincture (and all the others) are top notch. I find them ALL to be beneficial. I recently stumbled upon cordycepts and it has helped immensely with my energy and motivation. And yes - no jitters or “crash”. It’s natural energy and beneficial In many ways. I’ll probably be a customer for life. Great products and great company.

Will Hochman

Beautiful products. They arrived quickly. I went for Cordyceps (instant energy), Lion’s Mane (A+ focus), Chaga (give me all the health). They taste good and make me feel excellent. Easy decision.

Good for you and the planet

We are hard core about quality and clean ingredients which is why our products contain absolutely no fillers - nothing to hide. There is no myceliated grain, no unnatural additives, and no unnecessary ingredients in our premium quality extracts.

  • No Fillers

  • Gluten Free

  • Vegan

  • 100% Fruiting Bodies

  • Grown Outdoors

  • Organic Practices


Only the purest ingredients

Fresh Mushroom

Fresh mushrooms fruiting bodies (no mycelium / mycelium-on-grain). Our mushrooms are ethically and sustainably grown in the USA.

Purified Water

We only use fresh water from the Colorado river in the making of our tinctures. Reverse osmosis is used to aid in pure and effective filtration. The water is always tested for bacteria and contaminants and each batch is analyzed and certified for safe consumption.

Pure Alcohol

200 proof ethyl alcohol is used to produce our extractions, Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth (OTCO), and is GMO-Free and Gluten Free. The alcohol meets FCC Grade Monograph and complies with all of the current requirements.

Swirl, Stir or Shake

Uphoric Urth tinctures are meant to be mixed. Take any tincture on its own, or experiment with the tincture combination that suits your body best. Add your dose to any beverage, smoothie, soup, sauce — or take right under the tongue. Reflect on how you feel. Adjust your alchemy. Repeat your daily ritual.

How to Tincture

Maca Matcha Latte

Make your own medicinal mushroom magic from AM to PM with simple, fresh lattes, elixirs and daily pick-me-ups. Try our Founder's favorite morning recipe, a Maca Matcha Latte powered by our No. 01 — Lion's Mane to keep you sharp and on point for your day ahead.

View recipes

Not All Mushrooms Are Created Equal

Just 3 Clean Ingredients

Absolutely no unnatural additives — just the organic mushroom, purified water and three-stage filtered Organic & Gluten Free Alcohol.

Outdoor Grown & Wild Harvested

Our mushrooms are sourced and foraged for the highest possible potency — always harvested in outdoor wild forest environments, never lab-grown.

Dual-Extraction for Highest Potency

We are hard core about efficacy, using production methods focussed on bioavailability and the highest potency possible.

Travel Safe & TSA-Friendly

Convenient liquid format. Slip our 2oz bottles into your pocket or purse, even safe for your airplane carry-on bag!

You Asked. We Answered.

Are your tinctures appropriate for vegan and gluten-free diets?

Yes! Our mushroom tinctures are vegan and gluten-free friendly, containing no animal-based or gluten ingredients.

Will these mushrooms cause me to hallucinate?

No, these mushrooms are non-psychoactive.

Can I safely use multiple mushroom products or tinctures simultaneously?

Yes! Adaptogenic Mushrooms are synergistic and can often accomplish more together than alone. While Lion’s Mane offers robust cognitive support, other medicinal mushrooms such as Reishi, Chaga, Turkey Tail and Cordyceps have additional immunostimulating properties that can compliment the use of Lion’s Mane. Stack ‘em up!

When will I notice a difference in my health?

Each individual has a unique response to food, remedies, and thus medicinal mushrooms; so the way medicinal mushrooms are metabolized varies from person to person. It can be assumed that utilizing the mushrooms consistently on a daily basis will provide the fastest results. Üphoric Urth utilized liquid extracts as they are absorbed more quickly into the system, providing you with the quickest results.

Can I travel with these mushroom tinctures?

Yes! No need to check your luggage. Our 2oz mushroom tinctures are completely TSA and travel-friendly. Pack your tinctures in your carry-on, purse, or pocket and keep your body at its peak wherever your global adventures take you!

Will your products encourage yeast to grow in my body?

No, this is a common misconception is that ingesting mushrooms will facilitate fungal overgrowth in the body. Medicinal mushrooms strengthen the body's immune response and are also very low in the sugars that promote yeast growth. If you're experiencing yeast overgrowth you should consult a healthcare professional about your specific situation.

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