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Using as a supplement to boost immune system

Best chaga I've ever tried!!

I'm a huge mushroom fan and have tried pretty much all forms of chaga. This is by far the best tasting tincture I've had and love how high quality the mushrooms are from Uphoric Urth. Feel awesome after taking this - haven't been sick since I started. This is an immune boosting staple in my household and have it beside my on my desk so I never forget to take it. Cannot recommend enough!!

Excellent mushroom flavor, not overpowering or medicinal tasting.

Very pleased with the flavor of this mushroom extract. I only just got it and took the first dose so I can not comment on systemic benefits yet but it was very easy to take. I took two droppers of the extract under the tongue and it was pleasant, nothing off putting, or "medicinal" tasting. I plan on taking it regularly either directly or mixed into salad dressings. I can't say that I would add it to a drink because mushroom doesn't go with a lot of drinks that I normally consume but the fact that I enjoy the flavor directly is an excellent sign. I will try to update as I go with any benefits seen.

6 month review

I do feel like this has improved my cognitive function and lowered my anxiousness to a noticeable degree. Is it worth it? The improvement is well worth the money to me, and I will continue to use this product. Also, This may be unrelated but I was having a nerve pain that seems to have went away!

My favorite

This is my favorite way to take lions mane! I definitely notice a difference when I take it to when I don’t. Definitely subscribe and save for this one.

FOCUS - Lions Mane Mushroom - Double Extracted Tincture
Robert Hall (Huntingburg, United States)
6 Month Review

I have been using this product for roughly 6 months. It seems to give me a slight cognitive edge over my normal self especially when good sleeping is combined with it. Being able to think more clearly lowers my cortisol levels allowing me to perform even better in high pressure situations. I’m going to stack this with cordycepts to provide myself with a further advantage by reducing or eliminating my need for 180mg of jittery caffeine in the morning.

Good supplement

This has been very easy to take every morning in my coffee. I have noticed it slightly changes my coffee taste but easy to adjust to the flavor

Mix it with your coffee!

If you mix this with coffee you can't even taste it! It immediately provided clarity and energy. Will continue to purchase this amazing product 😊

Energy and Less Body Aches

I love Uphoric Urth tinctures! I use the Chaga for detox (benefits listed in the product description), however the thing I notice most is an increase in energy and an alleviation of overall body aches (I'm a middle aged woman who has lived a very athletic life). I get the Chaga tincture on amazon, but I also have a monthly subscription at for the 8 oz. 5 Mushroom Blend Double Extracted Tincture. This 5-mushroom tincture leaves me mentally alert and very high energy and also alleviates my aches and pains.

Great prodcut

Mushrooms are amazing for our health and mental clarity these mushrooms are not from the mycelium network there from the fruiting bodies (which is what you want) after taking it for just a couple days I noticed the swollen lymph node on my neck went away. I genuinely feel healthier taking this product. Another good product is AHCC

Exactly what I was looking for

I've tried many different supplements to increase focus, and this has been one of the few that I actually feel a difference. I usually do like 2 drops a day, or whenever I just need an extra push for work. Already a repeat customer!

5 Mushroom Blend - Double Extracted Tincture
B.Q. (Sacramento, United States)
Thrive 5

I like how they got several of the best mushrooms in a bottle. 🖐🔥

A forever customer.

I did my research before purchasing my first mushroom tincture and learned that the way Uphoric Urth grows their mushrooms results in maximum health benefits compared to many competitors that do not sell fruiting body tinctures. I just purchased my second bottle of lions mane and plan to start purchasing other tinctures as well! I am amazed by how much more alert and focused I feel through out my day. I have always suffered from ADD type behavior and I notice a healthy difference since taking the lions mane daily. Thanks Uphoric Urth!!!

8oz bottle

I just received my 8oz bottle of lions mane today. I was SO thrilled to start taking it. The bottle itself does not have the dropper and I was surprised and disappointed. I tried using a 1/4 teaspoon and made a mess. However, I just double checked the box and what do you know….in the packing peanuts is an empty 2oz bottle with a dropper! I am thrilled and love this company already. Can’t wait to try some other products soon!

Life changing

I have so much focus and energy on this stuff, I take six half droppers of the 5 Mushroom mixture. I feel great from morning until bedtime. I don’t have any weird crash or jitters. Just pure energy and focus. I bought 1 bottle and ran out after about 20 days. I bought 5 more! I’m so hooked. Mother Nature rocks!

It actually takes 60-90 days for best results

Don't be disappointed if it doesn't appear you're getting any results right away. It actually takes your body 60-90 days to effectively absorb and heal so be patient to be fully effective. I've been using it for 35 days and have notice a mild effect compared to day 1. So far so good as I know its working. Fast forward another 30 days and I should notice a markable change since day 1. My goal is to use it for at least 90 days before giving a full review because there's been enough time to be effective.

hay fever no more!

I contacted Kate to ask for some advice on hey fever she suggested I try reishi. After about 1 week of taking it I really noticed the difference and then after 2 weeks I did not have any more symptoms. Honestly this has changed my day to day life and I'm forever grateful.

5 Blend is amazing!

I've been taking the 5 Blend for about 3 weeks now, not really changing much else (gotta control my variables ;-) I have a sleep tracking device, which is showing I'm getting better, deeper sleep. I feel a buzz in my energy after taking it. I've also secretly been dosing my husband's coffee and his mood seems to be improved and he's sleeping better, too (shhhh). Just signed for regular delivery of the 4 oz. beautiful stuff!


These mushrooms really do the job and it’s natural…..Great product THANK YOU!


more focus and clearer thinking.

Great quality

I’m feeling better taking this

Amazing healthy daily mood booster

An amazing addition to your day. Always believed in the power of mushrooms and this is the easiest way to get them all quickly and daily. An earthy taste that's bot for everyone but if your a mushroom fan it'll be no problem. Strong alcohol taste as it uses high proof stuff to distill but if your in it for good taste your in the wrong place.

This mix has improved my mood kept me relaxed and really helped me tackle the day in good spirits. Sleep was no problem with it and energy levels where stable all day.
Highly recommend to anyone for a daily health booster body and mind.


My husband and I have tried a almost the whole variety of products and we love them all! I love that there is no extra fillers in the products and every thing is such great quality! I will definitely be buying more every time we run out! We both notice a difference in our overall health incorporating these mushrooms! :)


Excellent! My Girlfriend turned me on to your product. in just a month I have felt a great difference. I am a customer for life! Thank you so much.

BUY THIS, not wasteful indigestible powders!

Your body cannot digest medicinal mushrooms nearly as well until a water-alcohol double extraction is performed (like in this amazing product!). I'd rate this 10 stars if I could!