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Good Product!

Really mild flavor, easy to use and very beneficial to my health overall. Nice packaging, good quality.

LOVE Uphoric Urth Mushroom Tinctures!

I have been detoxing from heavy metals for some time. I added Uphoric Urth's Detox tincture into my protocol to help me Detox. Its been very helpful and I cant wait to see my next test results! As you can see I love using all their products as I find them supporting my immunity in many ways! Thank you for a great product!

Feel the difference!

This is a great company with great products! I definitely notice the difference in how I feel taking reishi mushroom!

Beneficial in many ways.

The UphoricUrth cordycepts tincture (and all the others) are top notch. I find them ALL to be beneficial. I recently stumbled upon cordycepts and it has helped immensely with my energy and motivation. And yes - no jitters or “crash”. It’s natural energy and beneficial In many ways. I’ll probably be a customer for life. Great products and great company.

Smooth taste will not fool ya!

Product is awesome ! The flavor actually pleasant.It’s not very thick and the sheerness was perfect for this blend have had others and almost gagged each time of taking the product. This one goes down smooth and tasteful . Will definitely purchase again and again .. it also keeps you focused!

I like Turkey Tail

So far so good... I can say that Turkey Tail has helped me sleep better at night. I don’t feel any side effects after taking it. I take mine under the tongue, the taste isn’t pleasant, but it isn’t awful.


Beautiful products. They arrived quickly. I went for Cordyceps (instant energy), Lion’s Mane (A+ focus), Chaga (give me all the health). They taste good and make me feel excellent. Easy decision.

Good stuff, who knew

I take it 1st thing in the morn, gives me perfect energy all day, way better than 5hr energy

Life Changing

My wife and I have been using lions mane for a while now. Been looking for something to give us that mental edge going into our 50’s. At first use there seemed to be mild changes. After several months of use, thoughts are clear and focused. Creativity is enhanced, which is a great experience. Couldn’t wrap my mind around that until it happened. Anyone deciding to go this route should know it takes time to experience the benefits. When they are realized, it’s overwhelming and life changing. This product is top quality and worth every penny.

No more brain fog

Love this product!! Lots of great benefits!!

No more brain fog

I’ve been using this for about 6 months in combination with immunity and sometimes thrive-5. I have to say this is my favorite. It’s helped take away that afternoon brain fog and low energy! I also have hashimotos and believe this along with my medication keeps me level 💛

Great product

This is an amazing product! I have suffered from lower back pain and digestive issues for years. Has done wonders for me already, this is my first bottle. The quality is excellent, can’t say enough about it!

I feel healthier than ever!

I learned of the profound health benefits of adaptogens prior to the pandemic, but didn't start incorporating them into my daily diet until I met Kate and heard her incredible story early last year. I've since made a point to take the Focus and Immunity tinctures twice a day for the last 10 months and have definitely noticed an increase in my productivity and overall health. When I was finally and unfortunately exposed to covid and caught it, I was lucky enough to have built up a strong immune response and recovered really quickly with no lasting symptoms. I thank Uphoric Urth and Kate for this positive outcome. Don't wait to protect yourself and increase your physical/mental abilities. Subscribe now. I promise it's worth it.


Have tried a bunch of tinctures and these are top notch 😊

These test the strongest, again and again!

My husband and I really appreciate the wonderful products and attention to detail that Uphoric Urth provides, and the bonuses that came my way yesterday from signing up for the automatic subscription.

I had a couple of another leading brand's tinctures leftover to compare with these and Uphoric Urth always tested the strongest, again and again!

Helped reduce inflammation

I'm ordering a second bottle because the product working great for me. Living with lupus, I had been experiencing more than my usual symptoms and it provided comfort right away. Since then, I take everyday but less than the recommended dosage. Worth every penny.


Well I can say that when I first took this product I did feel literally something going straight up into my head within three or four minutes of me taking the product and I did feel more alert but but I’m not 100% sure yet because when things happen you’re not quite sure and you just can’t put your finger on it but you know something did change. I did keep taking it and I felt like it did do something but by the time I actually felt like it was helping the bottle was finished. I am going to buy another bottle and test it out a few more times but I do feel it did help me a bit and Far as the flavor it’s not so bad I actually like it. I think this is a pretty good product and I will buy again.

COVID Arsenal Must

Since COVID we drink this every day to build our immune system preventatively. We trust this brand and are so thankful.

Mushrooms at their best!

These tinctures have been a staple of my morning routine for the past year and the results are simply amazing, more energy, more clarity, better sleep and can't remember when was the last time that I was sick (and I routinely run and meditate in the cold rain).
As a neuroscientist and friend of Paul Stamets I'm well aware of all the benefits mushrooms confer to our bodies (Reishi, Chaga & Cordyceps) and minds (Lion's Mane for its promising neurotrophic effects and as a treatment for Parkinson's and Alzheimer's). Fun facts: without mushrooms our mammals would probably not exist and their spores might have brought life to Earth. The fascinating field of astromycology is looking into ways how to harness mycelium to facilitate space travel, but I digress.
The point is this company has a fantastic ethos, an amazing team and top notch products!

Do not hesitate to buy this is great!

Absolutely an incredible product - my level of cognitive function I noticed improve from day 1. I'm now a little over a month in on using the product and its made a huge difference in my alertness, memory, ability to focus/stay focused, and overall sharpness. This is definitely now part of my morning supplements routine. I personally would say the bottle is good for a 1-month supply depending on how much you take a day. I usually vary between 2-3 droppers a day. While this may seem expensive, I am a big supporter of potency of liquid substances.

Highly Recommend

I am so grateful to have found this product. It is exactly as described. I have a problem with brain fog and clarity of thought, which I contribute to poor sleep patterns. Since taking this product I sleep soundly for up to 8 hours and feel alert and full of energy upon awakening. I am no longer a procrastinator. I've just completed three tasks that I had been working on for months.

Effective, easy to use & portable

I was looking for a sublingual source for a certain mushroom blend & found it in this great product. I've used nearly all of my first bottle and I can report that it's effective, easy to use & very portable (bottle is very durable & doesn't leak). It does have the usual alcohol necessary for stability & delivery in products like these. I'd worried a little about the taste & if I could handle taking this product sublingual instead of in a pill form. The only taste I can perceive is the alcohol, so I'm happy to report that the taste is easy for me to manage. Best of all, I can tell this product is working for me. I'll be ordering another promptly.

One of the best things you can do for yourself

I've been interested in the health-promoting properties of mushrooms for about a year now, and this summer I began taking Cordyceps, Lion's Mane, and Turkey Tail twice daily. I'm really appreciating the benefits so far in my energy and focus.

Cordyceps are thought to increase ATP production, Lion's Mane is phenomenal for supporting cognitive function and neuroregeneration, and Turkey Tail is packed with antioxidants to protect the immune system, gut health, and probably in treating/preventing cancer.

I'm looking forward to trying Chaga and Reishi's soon :)

It's working on cancer!

I was diagnosed with cancer in my right lung back in May, 2020. I've had several xrays and scans done, the last major scan was in July. Of course, like many people, I looked for natural methods to heal it. I used several, but none of them felt right. I came upon Uphoric Urth and read about mushrooms. This led me into a great deal of research, including finding information on the website from the National Institute for Health (NIH) about the use of mushrooms while treating cancer patients.

I then decided to give the mushrooms a shot.

Since each of the mushrooms has its own benefits, I decided to take all five. I took a full dropper of each of them religiously every day. On 11/3/20 I received the results of a PET scan done on 11/2/20. Compared to the scan doe in July, not only had the cancer not grown, it had shrunk! The largest tumor was down by .1 cm. Not a lot, but soooo much better than growing!

I plan to go ahead with chemotherapy just to make sure to kill the cancer, but even with that the article I posted here shows that the side effects are minimized while taking mushrooms.

Thanks for creating Uphoric Urth, Kate!


I've tried so many mushroom products and this one really does it for me. It's the best tasting by far, and keeps me feeling great.