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Good product

My daughter has ADHD, she and her doctor agreed to go off medication but she needed something to help with focus. She takes daily and says it definitely helps. I'm all for natural supplements over prescription drugs! She plans to continue taking.

IMMUNITY - Reishi - Double Extracted Tincture
A.I. (Longmont, United States)

I just wanted to say big thanks to Uphoric Urth I purchased the reishi and cordyceps recently and have gotten to really love both. As someone who doesn't sleep much and has trouble settling into sleep the reishi has really helped me break through to a deep calm sleep mode really quickly. This I think is the exceptional quality of the mushrooms and I've gotten to love these products. The cordycepts have also been a favorite, I have found out I enjoy the tincture style over the powder form, the tincture drops seem to effect me more and faster still. I would love to purchase more in the near future <3<3 xD Thank you again

Liquid is far better than powder

It is still too early to tell, but we just started giving this to man's best friend, and a large part of our family, that was just diagnosed with cancer. We decided to go with this because it hits all the right buttons. Organic, made in USA, a little expensive but the big guy is worth it. The truth is that he just seems more frisky, even eats all his food. To me that's a miracle!

Great product

Strongly recommend. Great all around.

5 Mushroom Blend - Double Extracted Tincture
K.P. (Chesapeake, United States)
Mushroom Magic

I can't rave enough about this company and the products! I actually love the taste and have no problems taking the tinctures as is. After a recent bout of the Rona left me with severe fatigue and brain fog, this stuff was a major help in clearing the fog and boosting my energy back to normal levels. It's strange how it can calm me down and provide me with clear, focused energy at the same time. That's why I call it mushroom magic! Thank you to the entire UPHORIC URTH team for sharing these amazing products with the world! Much love and gratitude.

Must be Consistent!

Absolutely love these tinctures ! We discovered mushroom tinctures about 2 months ago at our local farmer's market. We were already very intrigued by the healing and preventative powers of mushrooms, so when we saw this tincture we did more research and decided to start buying these and have absolutely loved it ! We were so excited we even ordered the bundle of all 6 in 4 oz so we can be set for the next month or two. If you read up on it, you will find that you have to be consistent with it, and that it takes 30 - 60 days to start feeling the effects but once you do it is so worth it ! Especially given how easy it is with a quick drop under the tongue - even taking all 5 is less than 60 seconds out of the day which is incredible.

RELIEF - Turkey Tail - Double Extracted Tincture
I don’t care for the taste, but suck it up for the health benefits and having cancer.

Doesn’t taste the best. Starting taking after a diagnosis of breast cancer in 2019 to boost my immune system.

Natural Pain Killer

Great natural way to relieve pain. Works well to relieve my pain caused by my autoimmune disease.

Thank you

Just got my orderand wanted to say thank you for the fast shipping and such a wonderful product. Thank You!!!

IMMUNITY - Reishi - Double Extracted Tincture
A.I. (Longmont, United States)
Perfect product

The reishie tincture is really amazing! I really like how relaxed and mellow it is. Iv also tried the lions mane and really like that to. Thank you so much!!!

Top Shelf Quality!

This potency of this tincture was excellent. I will definitely be back for some more!

Heartily Recommend

I've been using this medicinal Chaga mushroom tincture for about three months. Prior to this, I had been using mushroom powders, but the wide divergence in color and persistent concerns about quality control led me to seek out extracts, instead—specifically, US-Sourced and US-Made extracts.

I was expecting to see marginal results after 6-8 months, but am happy to report that I am reaping benefits from this, even now, in my third month of using! I added some of the other mushroom extracts to my daily regimen (Lion's Mane for neural support, Red Reishi for bodily wellness/inflammation support), but Chaga has been my favorite for its heart and vascular health benefits. I've noticed, since using, that the brain fog that hung over me has dispersed. I feel more focused and clear-headed, and I feel more poised to respond to routine and atypical stressors in my environment, as well. I happily recommend this, and all the other extracts at Uphoric Urth, with no reservation.

5 Mushroom Blend - Double Extracted Tincture
T.L. (Chicago, United States)
Vivid dreams

Big fan of the 5 blend and lions mane, definitely helps me get into a deep rem sleep and have more vivid dreams. Also helps my grandma sleep who has dementia and usually doesn’t that well.

Lions Mane Tincture

I’ve been using the Lions Mane tincture for about a month so far. I really look forward to taking this in the morning. I’m not really sure how to explain it but I just feel more ready for the day. I’ve noticed it’s really seeming to help with my brain fog. I’m in an altogether better mood too. This is going to be a part of my morning routine from now on 😊

100% pure

Using as a supplement to boost immune system

Best chaga I've ever tried!!

I'm a huge mushroom fan and have tried pretty much all forms of chaga. This is by far the best tasting tincture I've had and love how high quality the mushrooms are from Uphoric Urth. Feel awesome after taking this - haven't been sick since I started. This is an immune boosting staple in my household and have it beside my on my desk so I never forget to take it. Cannot recommend enough!!

5 Mushroom Blend - Double Extracted Tincture
Michael Dexter
Excellent mushroom flavor, not overpowering or medicinal tasting.

Very pleased with the flavor of this mushroom extract. I only just got it and took the first dose so I can not comment on systemic benefits yet but it was very easy to take. I took two droppers of the extract under the tongue and it was pleasant, nothing off putting, or "medicinal" tasting. I plan on taking it regularly either directly or mixed into salad dressings. I can't say that I would add it to a drink because mushroom doesn't go with a lot of drinks that I normally consume but the fact that I enjoy the flavor directly is an excellent sign. I will try to update as I go with any benefits seen.

6 month review

I do feel like this has improved my cognitive function and lowered my anxiousness to a noticeable degree. Is it worth it? The improvement is well worth the money to me, and I will continue to use this product. Also, This may be unrelated but I was having a nerve pain that seems to have went away!

FOCUS - Lions Mane Mushroom - Double Extracted Tincture
Ali Poe
My favorite

This is my favorite way to take lions mane! I definitely notice a difference when I take it to when I don’t. Definitely subscribe and save for this one.

FOCUS - Lions Mane Mushroom - Double Extracted Tincture
Robert Hall (Huntingburg, United States)
6 Month Review

I have been using this product for roughly 6 months. It seems to give me a slight cognitive edge over my normal self especially when good sleeping is combined with it. Being able to think more clearly lowers my cortisol levels allowing me to perform even better in high pressure situations. I’m going to stack this with cordycepts to provide myself with a further advantage by reducing or eliminating my need for 180mg of jittery caffeine in the morning.

Good supplement

This has been very easy to take every morning in my coffee. I have noticed it slightly changes my coffee taste but easy to adjust to the flavor

Mix it with your coffee!

If you mix this with coffee you can't even taste it! It immediately provided clarity and energy. Will continue to purchase this amazing product 😊

Energy and Less Body Aches

I love Uphoric Urth tinctures! I use the Chaga for detox (benefits listed in the product description), however the thing I notice most is an increase in energy and an alleviation of overall body aches (I'm a middle aged woman who has lived a very athletic life). I get the Chaga tincture on amazon, but I also have a monthly subscription at for the 8 oz. 5 Mushroom Blend Double Extracted Tincture. This 5-mushroom tincture leaves me mentally alert and very high energy and also alleviates my aches and pains.

Great prodcut

Mushrooms are amazing for our health and mental clarity these mushrooms are not from the mycelium network there from the fruiting bodies (which is what you want) after taking it for just a couple days I noticed the swollen lymph node on my neck went away. I genuinely feel healthier taking this product. Another good product is AHCC

5 Mushroom Blend - Double Extracted Tincture
David Alvarez
Exactly what I was looking for

I've tried many different supplements to increase focus, and this has been one of the few that I actually feel a difference. I usually do like 2 drops a day, or whenever I just need an extra push for work. Already a repeat customer!