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Helped me on many levels

I first gained interest in mushroom tinctures when I turned to natural remedies to help me get my body healthy (western medicine has failed me many times). I haven't been able to smell properly/hardly at all since COVID in 2021 plus other issues. I also had a baby and had some very severe SI Joint issues in 2023. When I read that Lions mane can help with nerve regrowth and how lots of other mushrooms can help with brain fog/immunity/inflammation I decided to give them a try. I started with the classic tincture in Feb 2024 and have noticed that I can now smell things like fresh cut grass, I smelled lilacs yesterday!! Slowly and slowly I have noticed more smells returning since Feb 2024 than I have since 2021. I also have greatly reduced the pain I have in my hips so I can do my physical therapy and have done nothing but improve with that since starting these tinctures. I have moved past the classic tincture onto the discovery box and like to mix and match my own now to dial in what is best for my body. I cannot say these have cured me, but since taking them I have noticed slow and consistent improvement in many areas of my life. I have noticed I am sensitive to Shiitake and only take that sparingly when needed (I have autoimmune disease). Thank you Uphoric Urth!!

Cordyseps tincture

If you’re a health freak like me, you’ll love this product. I started getting into tinctures a few months ago. I usually make mine. But I wanted to try this one. And it has given me nothing but good benefits . I take a few drops in the am with a healthy meal, and around my lunch break. Fuels for energy. I would mix it in with your favorite juice, and or water!! It’s very potent. It helps me with having sustained energy throughout the day! Not feeling fatigue, and helps if you are always on the go. If your like me and don’t like drinking coffee and want natural energy this is the product for you!

A must-have for deep sleep!

For context: I’m a fairly light sleeper and have trouble falling asleep/staying asleep most nights. Melatonin isn’t effective for me, and Benadryl had been my saving grace for the last year. The downsides of Benadryl are that it leaves me feeling groggy in the morning and it’s not intended to be used as a sleep aid.

I wanted to try something organic and am elated to have found this product! The packaging is beautiful, and this stuff WORKS. I have tried 0.5ml under the tongue but my favorite method to ingest this is by adding 1ml to my water/tea every night. I have been doing this for the past three nights (on night 4 today) and have had the deepest sleep I’ve had in a long time. It is so refreshing going to sleep feeling relaxed and waking up feeling alert and energized. This is the only thing I modified in my nightly routine, so it’s easy to attribute 100% of the change to this product. Something else I love is that this product is all natural and only has two other ingredients. This is quite literally miracle in a bottle!

It works very well.

Very good for health.

high quality

WOW!! Uphoric Urth products are truly the highest of quality I’ve tried. I can tell the thoughtfulness put into the sourcing of the product by the quality and effects of each tincture. As well as the beautiful packaging that each product arrives in. I have been incorporating the lions main into my mornings and it’s been significantly helpful in my mental clarity and energy throughout the day. Uphoric has been go to for all mushroom supplements- the healing benefits are incredible!

I just received Chaga and lions main extract I took 1mL out of the Chaga bottle, which is a third of the dropper so not much it didn’t taste bad actually it was pretty pleasant. My only problem with this is that upon opening we found that the bottles weren’t full. It seems as though for this price, the bottles could have been filled a little more. I’ll give it a four because it wasn’t filled all the way

Blend No. 01 — The Classic
Tannisha Troutman
Love it!

This product is amazing! The taste may take some getting used to but my goodness is it worth it. Clarity of mind, immunity, relaxation and digestion have never been better.

Running out ever again is an absolute no no.

excellent relief

I have been taking Turkey Tail and Reishi for over 2 years now and have experienced great results. I have not had a cold or Covid, or FLu during this time. I have a lot of arthritis and this product is surly helping me get around better than ever before. I have cut out taking any other over the counter meds since using these mushroom product.. I have it on Auto ship so that I do not run out of the Tincture.....would recommend trying these products 100%.

Daily Necessity

I absolutely love this product. I take the Blend on a daily basis. Over time I have noticed a positive increase in mood and energy, at about the 1 month mark, also I have not gotten sick while others around me have been. Customer Service has been amazing as well. Thank you Üphoric for designing such a great product. I look forward to the future. By far the best on the market!

I never previously experienced such positive results with a product.

I received a bottle of The Classic 01 as a gift 2 months ago. I have severe chronic fatigue syndrome. I started a regime of 4 times a day.

I am so amazed that my energy increased almost immediately. Taking The Classic 01 seriously is the difference of whether or not I can leave my apartment.

I have not had this much energy in 15 years.

Amazing results for overall health

We love your mushroom products and I do believe that your Turkey Tail and the Reishi tinctures have kept me and especially my husband healthy.

My husband has prostate cancer which his MRI in 2022 showed a tumor in the tissue. We have changed his diet, added supplements and he takes your turkey tail every morning and evening.

His 2023 MPMRI showed a significant improvement. The tumor was gone. We were elated. We are simply on active surveillance without any oncology intervention.

One other comment, our friends, neighbors and family members have all gotten sick this winter and we have been around them as well as many folks in my gym and my husband’s workplace. With that said, both my husband and I have not gotten sick or even contracted a cold this winter. Thank you for such an amazing product.

Highest quality tinctures on the market!

I recently tried the Chaga tincture from Uphoric Urth, and I am incredibly impressed with the quality and effectiveness. First, let's talk about the packaging - the tincture comes in a beautifully designed box (prevents any damage from travel!) and a sleek modern glass bottle with a dropper, making it easy to dispense the right amount. It is so aesthetically pleasing I like to leave it out on my kitchen counter :)

I picked Uphoric Urth because their commitment to sourcing organic and sustainably harvested ingredients which is evident in the rich, earthy flavor of the tincture. I love knowing I'm getting the highest potency of the Chaga that's also free from pesticides and other harmful chemicals...hard to find these days!

love the taste, it's so easy to mix into my morning tea or simply drop under my tongue throughout the day.

I've already noticed a difference in my skin and sleep after just a week of using it, so excited to see what the impact is after long-term use.

*An absolute wellness routine essential*

I have been using Kate's products for a few years now, and aside from contracting COVID (which was unavoidable for us all), my immune system has been stronger than ever. I rarely get sick, along with mid day crashes I used to routinely suffer from. My skin has been the clearest it has ever been, my hair health is thriving and growing again, and I truly feel safer knowing I have medicinal mushrooms in my corner. I don't see them ever not being part of my daily routine for the rest of my life. I was a user of the Classic blend for awhile, but more recently purchased the ritual of mushroom set. As a designer, I am obsessed with the branding and aesthetic of my orders when they arrive. I also loveee the booklet that comes with the set that includes recipes and descriptions for each mushroom blend. I love mixing and matching the tinctures in either my coffee or tea, or sometimes straight under my tongue. I look forward to continuing treating my body with love and care for the rest of my life. My only request would be to have products available for my pets so I can share the benefits with them as well. Thank you Kate & Uphoric team! <3

Life Enhancing

I am a long time monthly subscriber of the Classic Blend, and I more recently included a separate Chaga tincture subscription. The blended mushroom tincture provides me with energy and focus for my busy days, and I am fully informed on the health benefits I am getting from each of the mushrooms. I've added Chaga to my supplements because of it's amazing benefits, including (but certainly not limited to!) its cancer prevention properties. In addition to the great products offered by Uphoric Urth, their customer service is superb! Thank you Kate and the Uphoric Urth team! If you are reading this to decide on whether to purchase, I would highly recommend that you do, and I recommend the monthly subscription (saves money and can be easily changed - you can skip a month, change your shipping date or cancel your subscription). Love, peace and good health to all!

Finally! Found am amazing company and product for mushroom extracts

First of all, let's talk about how amazing the packaging is. Each bottle is carefully packed in a beautiful box, I honestly feel bad about throwing them away (I haven't, they're in my closet just in case I need to gift something to somebody). The bottles are very sturdy with a clean design describing what it contains and what it's for.

Next, the actual product itself. The best one I've ordered. I've been taking mushroom powders and extracts for 5 years now. I've been happy, but never fully satisfied. I actually feel the Lion's Mane working after I take it. I don't drink coffee, so this a a great natural boost in the morning. I have their full range of mushroom extracts, so I make my little mix and take it in the morning like I would a multi-vitamin. This is now my go-to. I even ordered a whole line of their mushrooms for my dad. He is very, very satisfied. Also, having the option to get the bigger bottle helps from having to order so often.

I've reached out to the company once, because one of their items was out of stock. They answered back right away and offered different options until they were back in stock. Very accommodating, very friendly.

I'm a customer for life now and always recommend this brand to my friends who want to start utilizing mushroom extracts and the ones already taking them. I have my dad and my brother taking their products as well.

Sorry for the long review, but this is well worth it.


This was my absolute favorite product from the discovery set & lions mane product I’ve tried!! I feel so clear minded in the morning mixing it with a tea. This lions mane has minimized brain fog and often times felt I didn’t need the caffeine from a morning beverage. Amazing product!

Wellness NEED

I am so impressed with Üphoric Urth! I started with the discovery set to explore how the different tinctures worked with my personal alchemy. The high quality of the products is so clear, I loved the lions mane the most. I was even more impressed with the beautiful packaging! Perfect gift as well

Very good investment

Excellent product. Very good investment in health

got to take it.

I believe this is helpful for my digestive system.

Perfectly Balanced

100% feel the difference if I miss a dose! My mind and focus are much sharper as well as my memory, especially short term. Love this product.

Best of the best

Great company great products what more can I say?

Excellent Product

This product is easy to swallow and digest, even under your tongue. The contents are made from high quality, natural fruitful ingredients. This product will take time to feel the effects, so don't expect anything instant. Take over time and you'll reap the results of thinking clearly and having better concentration. I can even tell that my digestive system has been aided and it's easier to go to the bathroom. I sleep better when I take lions mane at night and have had more vivid dreams. This product is worth every penny.

Not bad taste

easy to use


I really love how this started to work for me right away!! I felt and unusual clarity and calm but yet I was energized!! I don’t care for the taste but if I mixed it with a juice I’m sure it would taste better. A little yucky taste to feel great all day is fine with me!! It’s a little pricier than the others but I’m glad I gave this a try. I will buy this again and I highly recommend this to anyone looking to level up in life.

Life changing

These tinctures have changed my life in the best way. I have never felt so good, physically and mentally. I truly feel so clear and energized and uplifted every day since incorporating these in my routine. Ill never go without if I can help it. Right under 3 ml 2x a day of each seems to be the perfect amount for me to see such amazing benefits.