A Mushroom WoManifesto from the Founder.


It starts with energy. Back in 2015, I had none

In addition to what felt like perpetual exhaustion, I was getting sick all the time. My immune system was totally shot. How could this be possible…? I ate right, I exercised, I went GLUTEN FREE for goodness sake!

After a series of blood tests, I was given the news that I had an autoimmune disorder, of which the cause was unknown, and it could be life-threatening if I didn’t do something about it.

Some known treatment options for my condition included: steroids, blood transfusions, and removal of the spleen. I was convinced there had to be another alternative to giving up vital organs at this stage in life, which may only have been a bandage solution to my chronic issue. I desperately wanted to claim my health back, holistically, and on my terms. 

This inspired a holistic healing journey where my body was the test tube, the experimental vessel, and mother nature’s finest ingredients were the antidotes. After a year and a half of visiting specialists, tinkering with holistic remedies and superfoods, and experimenting with diets on all ends of the spectrum from paleo to veganism, I felt much healthier overall but my autoimmune still persisted...until I discovered medicinal mushrooms.

After several months of continued good diet and exercise, plus the integration of medicinal mushrooms into my daily routine, I felt energetically rejuvenated and to my surprise, I had healed my condition without pills or procedures. I got my most valuable asset back - my health.

This sparked my love affair of the fungi kingdom and the newfound health that mushrooms had granted me. This journey has reminded me that we are all innately creative problem-solvers, who in many cases possess the power to holistically heal ourselves in collaboration with the powerful gifts of Mother Nature. This philosophy has inspired a whole new approach to life, which I like to call, YOÜ-phoria.

My deepest gratitude and admiration to the mycologists, herbalists, farmers, and of course Mother Nature herself who have all inspired and breathed life into Üphoric Urth. Together, we hope to empower humankind’s journey on the road to YOÜ-phoria.