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Üphoric Urth Üphoric Urth


Product Information

How are Üphoric Urth tinctures made?

Üphoric Urth tinctures are made using a dual-extraction process from the mushroom fruitbodies to more fully extract the wide range of bioactive compounds available. The two extraction processes include: once with hot water (reverse-osmosis water fresh from the CO river) and once with an organic alcohol soak (organic GMO-free cane alcohol).

All of our tinctures are made by a master tincture artisan with great care and attention to detail. We feel that our wild grown and wild simulated mushrooms are of the highest quality, ultimately translating into high quality tinctures. Our tinctures are American-made in an FDA-compliant facility without the use of any fillers or unpure ingredients.

Are your products tested for heavy metals and microbial contamination?

Yes — every single batch of Üphoric extracts are sent to a third party laboratory to test for the presence of heavy metals, mycotoxins and microbial contamination to ensure the safety and quality of our products.

Our tinctures are crafted in an FDA compliant facility in Denver, CO and our lab test results are publicly posted which you can conveniently view on all of our product detail pages. To view the results, go to any product page and click the "Product Information" button followed by "View Lab Results" and you will find the results for each Üphoric product there.

Where are your products made?

Our tinctures are American-made at an FDA compliant facility in Denver, CO. All of the ingredients in our premium tinctures are sustainably and domestically sourced.

Most of the mushrooms we use are organically grown or wild harvested outdoors in a natural woodland environment. This is a true labor of love for our farmers and foragers.

What ratio of mushroom to liquid you use for your tinctures?

We target 1:8 to 1:10 on all our mushroom tinctures (dry weight mushroom:menstruum). No batch however is under 1:10. We treat each mushroom differently to extract properly, with the intention of ultra high-potency across the board. One of the main tools we use to get ratios higher is evaporation to concentrate solutions, made with intent to push extraction to an upper limit before too much precipitation. Our end goal has always been to reach as high of a potency as possible.

Our expert tincture makers behind the scenes are traditional (old school) herbalists who use folk methods, but also have a strong chemistry/biochemistry background, so we respect the need to quantify everything.

What are the known uses of lion’s mane?

- Regeneration of damaged nerve cells

- Stimulation of nerve growth factor (NGF) in the central and peripheral nervous system

- Repair of neurological degradation from senility

- Improve cognitive function and memory loss

- Improve reflexes

- Alleviate head pressure and tightness (often associated with Lyme Disease)

Do your tinctures have a flavor or specific taste?

Because there is alcohol that remains in the final product, you will notice a moderate taste of alcohol within the tincture, in addition to the natural earthy taste of the mushroom.

There are no additional flavors or sugars added to our core collection of tinctures so that you can taste the pure organic mushroom.

Here's a tip: If you want to mask the flavor of the tincture, all of our tinctures become virtually flavorless when added to a yummy drink or sauce!

What kind of cordyceps do you use in your tinctures?

Our cordyceps militaris mushrooms are the only mushrooms we source from China at this point in time. All our other mushrooms come from North America, many of which are organically grown on the woodlands farm in upstate New York.

We are transparent and confident in our sourcing decisions as the Chinese are very advanced in Cordyceps production, and we only work with those who have the utmost integrity for premium quality. We believe that starting with high quality ingredients is what creates premium quality tinctures. We are currently making plans to grow our own Cordyceps on the farm, stay tuned!