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Miss Foodie Problems ~ Urth Day Giveaway!

Uphoric Urth x Miss Foodie Problems ~ Ürth Day Giveaway!

Greetings Urthling!

In honor of Urth Day, we’ve partnered with Corey Marshall @missfoodieproblems to give you the opportunity to win some of Corey’s favorite mushroom wellness products, handcrafted by our master tincture maker at Uphoric Urth.

Good news! We’re picking THREE winners so you and your friends have a good shot of being selected, all winners are selected at random. Enter here for a chance to win one of the following premium prizes:

  • 4oz Reishi Immunity High-Potency Tincture for overall immune system support and better sleep
  • 4oz Lions Mane Focus High-Potency Tincture for cognitive function and nerve support
  • 4oz Chaga Detox High-Potency Tincture for a increased antioxidants and immune support

Add your friend’s email to give them a shot at winning too! You’re all a part of the UU family now. Stay safe and stay well, Urthling.

Mush Love,